Your partner in outsourcing

Our Company

We are an experienced and dynamic company that is looking forward to providing efficient and customer-friendly outsourcing facilities to you. Our prices are very competitive as we work without extraneous overheads, and our main aim is to provide fast, comprehensive and error-free services.

EconOutsource (Pvt.) Ltd. is located in Colombo (the centre for administration and commerce in Sri Lanka) where there is a large workforce that is efficient and educated in English. We have cultivated an environment where professionalism and performance are given precedence in the work environment, and ensure that these two characteristics are encouraged through proper remuneration and facilitation. We also strive to eliminate roadblocks to provide low cost, high quality services, as the ultimate goal of our organization is to be the lowest cost, highest quality service provider in our areas of expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the lowest cost, highest quality service provider for our service range in Asia.

Our Values

Our goal is to become the paradigm for ethical management and business practices in our country, where each employee is remunerated according to their contribution to the progression of the company and allowed enough autonomy to achieve their finest performance.

Social responsibility is also taken seriously and there are several ongoing projects that are aimed at increasing the welfare and education of our employees as well as the general population in our immediate environment.

Our Guarantee

We make a pledge to each of our customers that we will ensure that the services we provide will be customized to their needs and that all the objectives of our projects will meet our customers’ expectations.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and stringent procedures are in place to ensure that your information remains in a secure environment. Employees are not permitted to bring any data storage devices, including handheld digital devices into the premises. Access to the web and e-mail services are restricted and only allowed under strict supervision. All operations on the site are also recorded for greater security of data and information.