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Business Process Outsourcing

Technical Support

Only the most competent technical support personnel are recruited to EconOutsource. They will quickly absorb the technical know-how for the smooth use of your products and services to ensure that your customers become repeat customers.

Inbound Sales

In today’s marketplace of spam e-mails and mass marketing, companies that focus on the specific needs of individual customers have the advantage. Use our low-cost inbound sales representative solutions to forge ahead to meet your organization’s expansion targets.

Order Taking

Our representatives will be trained to ensure that the orders taken are maximized in value through the implementation of special up-sell and cross-sell techniques. Using our order taking representatives will increase the average value of the orders for the products and services you offer.

Phone Surveys

In the dynamic market of today’s world it is imperative that a fast-moving company has the information necessary to make the strategic and tactical plans necessary to beat their competitors and increase market share. Make use of our phone survey solutions to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve.


Direct marketing of your products and services to ensure that your forward-thinking organization continues to bourgeon. Our telemarketing operatives ensure that they use all the keywords that are required to promote your brand awareness while efficiently expanding the demand for your products and services.

Direct Sales Calls

Our trained professionals will be able to keep your potential customers engrossed through innovative and direct pitches, increasing your sales while keeping your costs low.

Electronic Document Management

This service range centers around the conversion of unorganized physical documents into digitized, indexed and quality checked documents, stored and transferred to you in a data storage device of your choice.

We have strict guidelines in place to ensure that your original documents are handled with extreme care during the entire process.

After the digitizing process (different options available are outlined in detail below) is complete, the documents are converted to the format that is required by your company and then indexed according to your specifications to facilitate fast retrieval in the future.

You can then choose how we send you the finished product, where we either transfer the data through the internet or mail it to you after it is recorded in one of a selection of storage mediums.

The different types of electronic document management solutions we offer are given below:


Physical documents are scanned to the quality level specified by you.

Data Entry

Data is entered manually from physical documents or digital formats (images, PDF etc.) into the digital medium of your choice (word processor, spreadsheet etc.)

Data Cleansing

Data is formatted and organized according to your specifications. It may be in the form of simple conversions of units (figures in meters and feet into meters etc.) or the standardization of fonts and formatting in documents to facilitate reading and comprehension.

Transcription Services

This service is focused on the conversion of auditory rhetoric to a visual form. We can convert any audio recording to a word-processed format. We will conform to any specifications that your company requires in formatting or indexing. Audio recordings may range from university lectures to legal and medical transcriptions.


The copywriting we do for you will be conducted to fit the specific context you will be using the writing for. We do copywriting for magazines, web-pages, brochures, leaflets and any other related media.

In addition to original copywriting our services also extend to proofreading and editing of copy written material.


We offer services for payroll, claims & loan processing and bookkeeping. These sub-processes will be customized to fit your existing finance system. We are able to replicate any existing process to suit your needs with improvements to augment speed and reduce errors.

Other Services

We will be able to match or exceed your existing processes after replicating them. These processes will be replicated using a simple system to copy the existing process using the PDCA cycle (Plan Do Check Act), which assures continuous quality and efficiency improvements (also see ‘How To Guide For Outsourcing‘).

Apart from the services detailed above, please note that we are willing to provide customized services in document management and transcription to suit your specific requirements.


Vocational Training for Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are workers that are trained for jobs that require specific training for workers to execute their job roles listed in their job descriptions. Skilled workers also require the certifications demanded by the job specifications of the organizations they work in. Our skilled worker vocational training programmes are customized to suit the specific skill requirements of the jobs they are being trained for. The training often encompasses in-house training and on-the-job training during the course of the vocational training programme as per the requirements. Unemployed workers with insufficient work experience and/or formal training/certifications are eligible for training under this programme.

Vocational Training for Entry Level Jobs

In many countries we see that quite often there is a gap between the end products that are turned out by educational and training institutions and the actual requirements for the workforce of business and other institutions of the respective countries. The training we undertake to implement for these trainees fill the gap between these two sectors. Quite often the segment of the workforce that is eligible for these programmes is unable to perform the necessary tasks for their jobs due to the gap of theoretical knowledge compared to the practical knowledge they require to perform their duties. Most programmes of established educational institutions focus on areas that appeal to a wider public, and in doing so the skill-sets acquired by the certifications fall far short of the skill-sets required for jobs in the growing sectors of a country. Another reason for this gap is the inability of most educational institutions to keep abreast of the technological and procedural requirements of the very dynamic business sectors of the respective countries.

Training on Entrepreneurship

The engine for any growing economy is the 5% of its working population that takes the risk of being entrepreneurs. These special individuals have the attitude and energy necessary to see an opportunity and organize the people, equipment and resources necessary to fill the demands for products or services in their own respective countries, or better yet the demands internationally, and thereby earn much needed foreign exchange for any objectives related to living standards in a country.

Our training programmes are focused on ensuring that these individuals have the necessary theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills necessary to execute the objectives of their enterprises, while maximizing profit and minimizing waste. All essential areas such as SWOT analysis and strategic decision-making, procedure and format making, human resource management, financial record-keeping, financial analysis, banking, logistics, warehousing, imports and exports, purchasing and sourcing, marketing, branding and sales and production and quality management are covered in brief for these programmes, as per the requirements of the specific business sectors addressed.

Training on Small and Medium Enterprise Development

A country’s small and medium enterprises are the key to future economic growth. A successful SME sector for a country shows that it is making best use of the entrepreneurial skills displayed by its citizens. The next step for any country is to ensure that its small and medium business enterprises are protected and given the necessary skills and knowledge to preserve their competitive advantage and compete successfully in the international business environment.

While the skills that are needed for entrepreneurship are needed in this sector as well and will be covered in this programme, additional established methods for management and uplifting quality standards have to be employed to ensure that these businesses preserve their capacity to succeed in a competitive market environment. This is as different problems to organization and effective and efficient management are faced by enterprises that are growing. Our programmes cover the essential elements of 5S (advanced methods of organizing your workplace that are well established in Japan), NQA or requirements for the National Quality Awards (an American system designed to ensure that companies are looking at their critical indicators to ensure that small and medium enterprises continue to grow), ISO or standards established by the International Organization for Standards (effective methods for management and keeping high standards of quality in products and services) and Six Sigma (continuous quality improvement for continuously increasing customer satisfaction).

TOT (Training of Trainers)

Education is the key to improving any sector of a country. The quickest method of improving the standards for education in a country is identifying the key areas for the dissemination of knowledge and skills and then focusing on/funding these areas to achieve growth objectives. TOT or Training of Trainers is an important area for focus, as the education and skills of these trainers are the keys for the dissemination of knowledge and skills in a country.

Our TOT programmes are focused on ensuring that your trainers are competent and resourceful in their respective areas to effectively educate the segments of your population that are involved in entrepreneurship, enterprise development, providing professional services and providing skilled/unskilled services. Areas such as effective classroom management for effective teaching, organizing the environment for effective learning, dynamic teaching methods to suit learning needs, effective assessment methods and improving learning retention in trainees are covered in addition to any subject material that needs to be focused on for effective knowledge dissemination.

Seminars and Workshops

The continuous improvement of skills and knowledge is needed for any job in any institution to ensure that the institution is keeping on par with growing trends for increased efficiency. Even if the professionals that are involved in the execution of the job responsibilities of an organization are fully qualified for the jobs they are performing, it is essential that the institutions that employ these professionals periodically provide their employees with an environment where they are allowed to refresh their knowledge in certain areas and expand their skill-sets. This is also essential for institutions that are established enough to focus on employee retention and succession-planning.

Our seminars and workshops are customized to suit the needs of the participants and can cover any area of expertise needed for a business entity such as marketing, finance, production and human resource management, as well as any other area that has been identified by our customers or by us as necessary for the productivity improvement goals targeted by the seminars or workshops.

Customized Training

In many instances our customers are interested in complete training solutions for their training needs, including analyses of which areas need to be focused on, comprehensive plans for the implementation of the training programmes and analyses at the end of the training programmes to assess their effectiveness. We excel in providing complete training solutions for government and private institutions that are looking to achieve their short and long term growth targets.

As part of our goal to maximize returns for our customers’ investment, we strive to ensure that all training material is provided to our trainees in documented form and that the execution of our training sessions will include the latest technologies in knowledge and skill dissemination. Our clients can expect to receive periodic updates on the progress of the training programmes as well as for us to incorporate their ideas during every step of the training process.